Competence Guarantee

Our employees are the foundation of our business

Massy Wood invests continually in the development of our people, harnessing the expertise of our global colleagues to safely implement, execute and improve strategies that maximise the profitability of our client’s assets.

We are committed to building local capacity using our passion and expertise to improve lives.  By equipping our employees with best-in-class knowledge, systems and processes from around the globe, they are afforded a high level of proficiency and understanding of all processes, systems, equipment and technology, to deliver client solutions safely and effectively.

Competence Assurance

The success of our employees is intrinsically linked to the success and sustainability of our business.  Massy Wood provides a range of trained, multi-skilled specialists who are consistently managed using a competency matrix to document and assess the competencies required for each role.

This matrix produces a comprehensive gap analysis that determines the critical training needed to execute our full range of integrated solutions.

Our team is constantly researching and implementing unique, proven methods of working, to ensure the best solutions, without compromising safety, quality and the environment.