Projects & Modifications

Projects & Modifications

Enhancing production, increasing capacity and extending asset life.

Our projects and modifications services offer single disciplines or integrated service bundles for new-build projects and brownfield modifications.

Project management involvement starts early and continues until the project is operational.  We have developed a right-sizing protocol that is consistent on every project we manage, with excellence in both qualitative and quantitative deliverables.

This process for project delivery ensures efficiency and predictability and utilizes value systems tools to enhance decision making throughout the project, managing risk, making critical decisions and creating value.   We continually utilise change management techniques to minimise the impact of changes to the project.

Our project leaders are trained, extensively coached and mentored by our veterans and experts so that the depth of our project management teams is virtually unrivalled. We provide experienced personnel with leading-edge tools for accumulating project data and disseminating it to the full project team from our customer and Wood. This allows correct decisions to be made in a timely basis.

Our project oversight relies on online tracking tools to monitor project performance and compare it to other projects. This fosters continual improvement and innovation. We also employ real-time reporting methods, where possible, utilising a full complement of key performance indicators (KPI) to replicate efficiencies and identify improvements for future projects.