Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Connected design, connected build, connected operations

Wood’s digital and technology capability is structured to develop improvements across the asset life cycle, exploring solutions for connected design, connected build and connected operations. In each area we look at near-term solutions and far future technologies.  Strategic partnerships are a key component for us, making the best use of our abilities and leveraging the experience of others where appropriate.

In the design stage there is tremendous potential to unlock our performance and reduce costs for our clients. Collaborative technologies help us share and review solutions with a wider audience, refining our concepts and targeting design challenges before they reach the later stages of development.

At build-level, enhancements to project management and construction support capitalise on the efficiencies created at design stage. New software and hardware solutions transform workflow through construction and into commissioning.

Connected operations leverage our outstanding of automation knowledge. Control systems allow us to operate remotely, gathering and processing data, not just across assets, but across entire infrastructures, connected facilities and networked ecosystems that can predict and respond, optimising schedules through machine learning, monitoring equipment and materials to maximise operations and prevent failure.

Innovating across these themes we transform our client’s assets. Our greatest strength is our diverse skillsets. Our project teams work across our services allowing us to develop new and exciting possibilities without boundaries.