Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

Supporting our global leader in improving the integrity, reliability and performance of piping systems, structures and rotating equipment.

Wood’s expertise includes vibration, pulsation, stress and noise measurement and analysis of rotating equipment, piping systems and structures. Using world-class data acquisition systems, proprietary analysis software and global domain experts, Wood can deliver fast and accurate results to get your operation running smoothly. Our specialists provide support around four main areas:

Piping and structures

Excessive vibration causes piping fatigue – a significant integrity risk and failure mechanism.  We provide a range of services, software and products to support:


Compressors, pumps and other rotating assets face reliability, vibration and performance problems, which can be avoided with our design, commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting support:

Noise management

Noise management is a growing concern due to increasing health, safety and environmental (HSE) and compliance regulations. Clients value our regional presence. We can help you control noise in your designs and respond quickly to deliver site-based troubleshooting and support.

Field engineering and troubleshooting

Our experienced team of field engineers has solved thousands of cases globally and can mobilise quickly to provide specialised troubleshooting, failure analysis and site support to resolve vibration, reliability and fatigue-related risks.

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